Undead Wars

It is unclear as to all the elements behind the Undead Wars. It was such a widespread plague, that effected pockets of people. The history would be different depending on which region, or which alcove you experienced the Undead Wars from. Some say, a cold barbarian ravaged the land and ate people then raised the parts into hordes of armies. Even a few claimed that a small group of women warriors, dubbed The Battleskirts traveled in time to end the undead armies that ravaged the land.

These are the main elements that trend through most histories that document the Undead Wars:

1) A huge army of undead warriors and shamans, lead by Rakti of the Coldblade spread through the lands. He began in the Wild Mountains of the The Wicked Mountains and the Wild Mountains and spread through out the lands. He worshiped Deity – Wee Jas and the only way to avoid his armies was to become a worshiper of her as well.

2) A lich rose to near god hood and threatened to become a new god of undead. Near Deity – Billy Bropp raised massive armies and spread his teachings among farmers and tiny villages. The gods of the undead become paranoid that he would unseat their power and began fighting with their own undead methods. It was in a second battle with the Deity – Pelldrop that Billy Bropp finally died.

3) Many people turned to Necromancy. Either for protection or for instant gratification. The Necromatic Arts became infused and synonymous with evil/negative power.

4) The Undead Wars have been over for 8 years. It’s unclear if there was any specific event that ended it, but through rebellion and undead god’s infighting the armies of the undead crumbled.

And it’s now time to pick up the pieces …

Undead Wars

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