This is the capital city of King Yictor.

Rumen is a bustling busy city. People constantly bump into each other, and there is literally a guard (or two) on every street corner. It’s like Washington Dc in the sense it’s our capital, but also there is a lot of crime. There are small street gangs, like Five Points, that try to maintain control of various neighborhood blocks.

Lots of rich people live here because it’s such a “scene.” Lots of new fashion and always able to bump into royalty whether they live her or are just visiting.

GOVERNOR MELISSA TERNDER – female human. A strong alpha female, like VEE from Orange is the New Black. She is a great figure head, but there is just so much to do in the city.

EUSTICE O’MONTGOMERY –is in charge of the forge guild. Basically there is one massive forge (with a couple smaller ones ringed around it) in the city. Some homes may have their own TINY forges. Eustice manages most the metallurgy of the city. He melts down metals and can even separate gems. He is a tall, hairless black man. Always with a grimace.

THOM “WRISTCUTTER"SSS – Thom is a druegar who wears a bowler’s cap. He is head of a street gang called the Southshore Smiles. For the rather upbeat name, they are ruthless. They disfigure their victims and have no morals about killing the elderly or child to send a message. A derogatory term for them is “Child Killers.” None of the member wear armor, and usually arm themselves with everyday objects. Sometimes magically enhanced.

TUBINA “CAT”SSS – one of the higher ups in the Southshore Smiles. She tends to horrific acts of violence, in an attempt to prove she is just as capable as the men. She is a tall lean, half-elf that has had a breast removed. Sometimes she wears outfits just to show this off.

PELLY “PELLDROP”BGST – a small Halfling, who kind of looks like Pelldrop. He is weak, but a great asset in his divine abilities to his gang.

LACKLANDER ILLMANBGST – A tall lean, raptorian. His beak hooks like a vulture. He looks like if you sneezed on him, he would break. But he is vicious. He has a reputation for finding people when they are most vulnerable … bathing, sleeping, eating … He is half of the leadership of the Bloody Gravestones.

JIMOEN ILLMANBGST – Lacklander’s cousin. She looks feeble, like a walking vulture. She even actually half-hops sometimes. She’s known to throw out spells, and has a vicious sense of insecurity. She remains attached to Lacklander’s hip.

NERKED “SKULL” – BGST – human male, the second half of leadership of the BGST. He is literally missing half of his head. Only one eye, from a failed suicide attempt. He tried to shoot himself in the head with a wand of disintegrate. He looks like hell, and has a horrible temper.

THE SEVENTH STREET HALFLINGS – mainly females. Into drugs and sex trafficking.
THE CRYPTS – a bunch of frail thin gang bangers that are weak in small numbers. They tend to group up and start riots. They have connections to Pelldrop churches and some outside undead.
THE THUGLYFE IS ROUGHLYFE – mix of races include half-orcs, bugfbears and some muscle.
NORTH 736 – the address of the City Hall. Into weapons trading and information. Very well organized and have some members in higher government positions.
8 FINGERS – live off a street called Fynjers so they took the name 8 Fingers. Members cut off pinkie fingers. Lots of humans, half-orcs and dwarfs. Always looking for a street brawl. Some ties to outside undead.
Y.B.C. or YOUNG BEAUTIFUL CRAZY – a gang lead by a former UMP. Very anti-undead. Killers. Control a lot of prison politics.


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