Rakti of the Coldblade

The unflinching rule of Rakti of the Coldblade was violent. He was a barbarian lord or worshiped Wee Jas for strength and immortality. He was over seven feet tall and a lumbering hulk of a man.


He would overwhelm lands by sheer volume and strength of his hoard. His armies would never take prisoners, they would take “snacks.” They would imprison victims only to have “war feasts.” Sometimes victims would be tied to large dining tables and shredded and eaten alive.

One of the profane strengths of his armies was that Wee Jas would raise the fallen victims and soldiers as undead. They would fight alongside as mindless undead soldiers. It is said to fight for Rakti the Coldblade is “to be half alive and half dead.”

Rakti of the Coldblade was defeated by the very first incarnations of the V-MUPP’s. It was originally a 17 member team, two members (Soothy and Jerbold Sr.) still work on the V-MUPP’s. Instead of killing the undead barbarian lord, they captured him and reincarnated him as an animated doorknocker that angrily threatens anyone who uses the front door to the V-MUPP’s headquarters.

Rakti of the Coldblade

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