Here are some of the major players and community leaders in the world.

VAREN MAJOR – this is the largest portion of the world. The most communities can be found here. For being such a large area and diverse community, it is surprisingly well organized, especially in the aftermath of the Undead Wars.
King Yictor
King Belden
Queen S’Shitzzu

VAREN MINOR – although great allies in the Undead Wars they felt as if the leadership in Varen Major wasn’t the correct direction for their needs. Not aggressive, but not truly allies Varen Minor chooses to be more exclusive and secluded.
King Haz Gra’Zaden

THE FONNEGUET ISLANDS – lead by a tyrannical despot, the inhabitants of these islands are not allowed to leave or they may be subject to death for treason. There are no visitors unless approved by a counsel … it’s basically North Korea.
King Fonneguet


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