Due to high concentration of negative energy, any school of Necromancy or spell that is categorized as Necromancy is now evil. Any use of these items/spells/abilities cause a corruption of the individual.

In the world, Necromancy gives off a strong evil aura. This has elements of evil and negative energy. NPC’s may not be evil and practicing these arts. But the necromatic arts are addicting and over the course of time they will become evil.

Players who use these abilities/spells/items gain Necro Points. Here is a run down of the effect of Necro Points:

1) Gaining 1 point will cause the player to be aware of experiencing something evil. – the player will be aware of gaining a point. The character will feel shame but also the need to visit this feeling again.

2) After 4 points the character’s alignment will become evil. – this will effect their divine connections and paladins/clerics may fall as well as druids may become corrupted in their connection with nature. Atonement or complex rituals may bring the score down to 3, but not beyond.

3) After 6 points, the character will give off a harsh evil aura. – the character will become an NPC. This may also cause them to become a BBEG in the story, playing against the characters.

Necro Points can also be gained through extremely violent/immoral actions. The pull to the dark side is strong.



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