Near Deity - Billy Bropp

Billy Bropp was a farmer in the fields. His farm was surrounded by three other farms, and the families relied on each other and created a community.

Billy was out every morning, with his big beer belly and overalls tending to his successful crops or feeding his animals. When his wife passed away in child labor, he went into a depression and let his fields go but kept maintaining his animals. His neighbors provided emotional support. One of his neighbor’s eldest son died in a horrible accident, but was able to bring him back to life with divine magic. Billy became a recluse and attempted to learn necromancy. First experimenting on his own farm animals with a large measure of success. As he degraded and with his experimentation in magic, his lands became corrupted. Two of the families moved to find fertile land, and the last remaining neighbor fell to a patrol of zealous paladins/inquisitors. Billy was alone … or was he?

Billy Bropp had a natural talent for the necromatic arts. He raised the family from the dead, and began experimenting with raising any grave in the surrounding area. He lived on a corrupted farm, surrounding by undead and grew more and more powerful.

Due to his “golly shucks” persona, he evaded any more prying eyes which allowed him to grow absurdly powerful. He invited his own family/wife’s family to visit and then captured and corrupted them. He then created his own “undead hillbilly” village by taking over the surrounding farms.

Once a favored spirit of Nerull, he know grew powerful beyond measure. Raising huge armies with his tremendous innate ability. Due to the “underestimated skill set of a redneck” he became a powerful lich. He was on the verge of becoming a diety which caused jealousy and imbalance over the existing deities of the undead.

Near Deity - Billy Bropp

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