On the surface, Hellmouth looks like a hive of death worship and black paladins who express themselves in physical torture and demonic tattoos.

In reality, people are super friendly and their expression of death is a celebration of life. Much like Dia De Los Muertas their culture focuses on the macabre to bring light to the truly positive aspects of life. The culture is a great way to relieve the stress and anxiety created by the fear of undead.

It is lead by the Council of Three … which currently only has two seats serving:

  1. The Primary Seat – governs trade, laws and licensing.
  2. The Second Seat – governs residential needs.
  3. The Second Seat Pro Tempore – represents the voice of the people (absentia).

Although they all have a focus, they work conjointly as a vote of 2-1 is necessary for any law to pass.

  1. The Primary Seat – is held by General Torres. He is in charge of the military. He comes from the King’s personal army and tends to make logical decisions … sometimes at the detriment to his own population. He is a broad shouldered, grizzled man with a white streak in his hair.
  2. The Second Seat – is held by a spell weaver, by the name of Clickclick. She is very intelligent and does a great job of knowing what the public needs before they are aware of it. Some people say she is the heart and soul of the Council of Three.
  3. The Second Seat Pro Tempore – is “held” by a popular, young dwarf druid by of Heactchnmunger. Which is dwarven for Hellmouth. He was named after the city. He is currently leading an expedition into the underdark to save a class of 12 school children who were kidnapped by some creature deep inside. It is popular opinion that he will never return.


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