Brendolfee Keep

Some people consider it a town, even though it’s a keep. It’s a landmark, and houses travelers.

Lord Brendolfee inherited the keep and keeps watch over the people. He is well liked, as it is such a small civilization. His family owns the keep and most of the land. He intentionally keeps his town small because he doesn’t want to worry about anything more complex. He has two wives: Jerrylyne (a curvy, mothering figure) and Penny (a blonde, nurse-type). He also lives with an uncle, a cousin and three nephews who’s parents have died.

The Hunger family is this hearty gnomish family that has been indentured to the Brendolfee’s for generations upon generations. They are so closely entwined that they are almost family. It led by McGrueger Hunger, who is this calloused “heart-of-gold” gnome. He barely talks but grunts at people. He works amazingly hard and his hair is a mop that’s always in his face. The family is large and they take up that whole house with cousins, uncles, aunts.

The Pleasures are these “open minded” swingers. Humans. There are about seven of them living in that area. They all took the last name Pleasures, but it’s one couple one brother, and the rest are kind of hangers on.

The Indurants (aside from Lord Brendolfee) are the only other nobility. They are well off, and cultured. Lots of art, lots of trading. They are very distrusting of strangers and will not open their house to the heroes. They make good investments, own a great deal of land that they lease out to the transients on the outskirts for farming. It lead by a rather young (late 20’s) master of the house, her name is Iris.

The Appledumps are the hobknobbers, the partiers, the hair stylists, the drinkers … they are low brow but they provide an important social glue to the keep and it’s people. They are partiers and a family/friends.

Brendolfee Keep

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