Beer Drum Village

This is a predominately gnomish/hill dwarf town. It enjoys a small blend of other races but only those that feel comfortable in the plains or forest.

“If you find the town drunk, you vote him into office”, is what people usually say about Beer Drum Village. They are an excellent brewing community and are renown through-out Varen for their beers, wines and moonshines. They produce other goods, but this is what makes them famous.

– inarguably a drunk. Most of the time a happy drunk. His ability to unit people and bring people together (even in a state of inebriation) is remarkable. He has a flare for the dramatic and always draws a crowd with his conversations and stories. Human, blonde, hair like a caveman. Always has some food in his facial hair.

IMOA – his wife. A beautiful socialite. Very kind and helps many people in the village. Their marriage seems detached and distant but they both do well with crowds of people. She is a tall, light skinned woman, with dark hair and eyes.

BLUESTONE – a cranky gnomish wizard who’s full name is Benjamin Rogerts Rumptapper-Bluestone. Some call him “The Powerful Wizard Oops.” One of the most significant magical problems he created were Beer Barrel Golems. Beautiful to look at, but they killed a lot of people. He showed more irritation than remorse.

Beer Drum Village

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