The entire town of Backfield could be picked up and moved in about an hour. Originally, meant as a temporary camping spot, it was repopulated and repopulated and now stands as an “unofficial” town. It sits on the edge of Lord Brendolfee’s land. It still has that “camp” feel like a Woodstock. It is a calm city with an accepting mood. It’s like Burning Man that never stopped.

The Mayor President Tillman is a large dwarf. He is literally one size level larger, due to a spell by a wizard. He lives with two sisters, and has never been married. He is verbose and outgoing. There aren’t any laws in Backfield, so it’s a pretty cake job. He’s young for a dwarf, and has a large nose. Recently he has been leveraging popular opinion to recognize his recent induction as a priest of Elhonna. It strikes you that he just wanted to get another title not that he is some devout follower.

Evershrine is this raised platform in the village. It resembles a marble stage about the size of a backyard pool. It is set up to be a universal shrine. People bring their own statues/holy objects then use it for payers and ceremonies.

The Meeting Hall resembles an Elk’s Lodge. Long tables, trophy heads on the walls, and a fireplace. It’s typically filled with people playing board games or teaching community classes. An odd trophy is a huge undead ogre – instead of the big bear.


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