Alabaster Pass

The town of Alabaster Pass is built all upon the passing of the weak deity Alabaster Northwind. He was not a good deity and was attempting for greater things before good aligned and more powerful deities killed him.

The shrine and village are a reminder of mistakes and shame brought about by selfish motives.

Alabaster sought to create “unity through purification.” He attempted to divide humanoids into three categories: mongrel, workers, divine. He felt that these three classes would create a purity and anything melting between the two (half-elf, half-orc, etc) should be eliminated. This included magical beasts and abominations. Sentient machinery (warforged, golems, etc) had no soul and were just things.

Most cultures view him as an evil deity of genocide.

The village does not worship him, but they upkeep his shrine as a reminder to embrace everyone (also because the gods demanded that this shrine be maintained). The shrine is used for wishing no ill will, as opposed to wishing for blessings. Some prayers may include phrases like, “and may Alabaster leave my harvest so that I will have a plentiful supply” or used much like a boogeyman.

Even with such a negative source in the village, it isn’t a constant pall on the everyday life. The village lives with it, and has this culture of duty (much like in Europe, how they maintain the history of the city).

Alabaster Pass is very far removed, but receives a lot of transient activity. It is a wonderful docking port and place for trade. It’s small, so much of its population fluctuates from people receiving/shipping goods. The joke is that there are the same number of hotels as there are homes.

The people tend to be provincial, and good natured. If you don’t like tourists this is not the town for you.

It is predominately middle class, and the discrepancy between rich/middle class is very small. This isn’t really a place for the super rich.

Also, most of the goods flushed through Alabaster Pass are non-perishable. Most of them are stone, art, ore, parts, soft goods …


Alabaster Pass

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