A special forces undead policing team responding to high priority threats in the aftermath of the Undead Wars.

The vast undead armies have been vanquished. Humanoids have won the war.

There are still pockets of powerful undead that hide among the land. All necromancy has been outlawed and the school of necromancy is now potent with evil.

In most ways, the land is safer and happier. People don’t have to live with the constant terror of undead armies overrunning their land.

In an attempt to curb public fear and root out the remaining threat, the leaders of Varen Major have created the UMP’s (Undead Military Police). A program to police the remaining undead taint. The heroes are part of a secret special forces unit called the V-MUPP’s (Varen Major Undead Policing Programs) which engage only the most dangerous targets.


Varen Major, Undead Policing Programs

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